Thursday, 23 August 2012

the vocation of a PRIEST

The Vocation of a Priest
A soldier had beaten up a priest until he was almost unconscious, and while he kicked him he asked, “What can your Christ do for you now?”   The Priest replied, “He can still give me the strength to forgive you”
The Scripture says, “Many are called, few are chosen.” Among these few, the role of a priest is very much appreciated. He is chosen to spread the goodness and witness to Christ. He is also called to be holy and throw the radiant light of his holiness on the flock entrusted to him to heal, forgive and to bless.
Being human like us, many a times a priest tends to neglect his duties as he gets caught up in schools, technical institutions and social work. He may lose sight of the spiritual needs of the people for which he is ordained.
Let us keep our priests in our prayers that they may respond to the strength and grace which God gives them.
Cl. Sachin Kadam SDB

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