Wednesday, 29 August 2012

missionaries in India

The heart of missionaries
                                                By Bryce Rodriguez
You cannot talk about the Salesian history in Goa without the mention of two great Salesians namely Fr. Vincent Scuderi and Fr. Joseph Carreno. These two Salesians though from different countries and had different temperaments had three things in common i.e. the zeal for souls, deep love for Don Bosco and commitment to the mission entrusted to them. Fr.Vincent Scuderi was a fiery man who sought to consolidate the works in Goa and make the Salesians known as they were in Bombay.Fr. Carreno on other hand was a gentle and compassionate missionary who was loved by the confreres and the boys alike. I once remembered my Prenovitiate rector narrate the incident of how Fr.Carreno would sell his blood in order to feed his boys .This greatly touched many hearts. The works of the Salesians is built on the blood of the Salesians pioneers in Goa. Even today his boys {now priests} remember him with fond memories. We thank the lord for them

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