Thursday, 10 December 2015


 Blessed was I to be born naked
Pure and innocent in everyone’s eye
Sucked the breasts of unique kind
Tasted the milk that never could match

Tender was I to be hugged and kissed
Uniquely learned to return the same
Different was the attire that I wore
Made me feel special and proud

Served was I with unique cultural food
That made me believe as the only tastiest food
Journeying East and West, North and South
Have realized how little that I had tasted

Innocent was I to be filled with beliefs and traditions
That gave my life a sense of purpose and meaning
Thought my thinking pattern the only way to truth
But sorry! It was only one among the millions

Frail was I to be conditioned by my little background
That watered down million ways of thinking to a single one
Insecure of my little world I ignored to think outside the frame
But thanks to education that freed the mind from my little world

Bestowed was I with capacity to intellectualize and argue
But what matters to life is little love and compassion shared
Shortness is the life to be lived with full zest
For naked I was born, naked shall be my return!

Romanius Barwa


Bounty was Your gift to Your beloved
Caterpillar Your beloved turned to be
Cancerously gobbled Your unassuming beauty
Thanks to You, Your beloved has realized
You with Your merciful heart
caused your beloved’s global-heart-warm
May Your beloved restore Your love
For without You beloved is hollow
Global green bestows global freshness to life
And freshness and fullness of life is Your highest glory!

Romanius Barwa