Friday, 21 September 2012

The Life of a Missionary

A person set apart by God,
Knows not for what has he been chosen.
But knows that he has to remain in God,
To do that which was him given.

God sent him into the world,
To proclaim the Good News wherever he went .
When the Word sunk in the world,
They  made him a place in their inner tent.

But not always is gain,
Not always is joy abounding.
There is pain,
But there is always the  love of God surrounding.

The priest tries to make God known,
To the people who reject the God known.
He is a symbol that God cares,
For those who are torn down by sorrows.

The priest dares to go out,
To stick his head out.
To take God’s love to the end,
Even at the cost of his life.

The priest journeys far,
From the time he was set apart.
And when his earthly sojourns nears,
He realizes that God’s work he has done.
                                                                                    - By Bryce Rodrigues

Thursday, 13 September 2012

              Cl. Bosco Carvalo Sdb
Our life has only one mission i.e GOD.And this is no "Mission Impossible." The Mission is possible because God pulls us up to himself.what God desires of us is our commitment to want for him at all times the decision for God is our prime mission. Go ahead for it. All missionary work is our response of our love and commitment for God.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fr. Aloysius Cerato
Born: 24-11-1908
Professed: 6-1-1927
Ordained: 8-12-1934
Died: 24-5-1976
Fr. Cerato was born at Fonzaso, Italy. He was zealous missionary in the plains of Assam, especially n the North Lakhimpur. He had a calm and undaunted disposition. He came to Bombay in 1969 when the foreign missionaries were expelled from Assam.

Fr. Mario Zocchi
Born: 26-10-1909
Professed: 29-1-1933
Ordained: 8-12-1943
Died: 24-10-1974
Born at Busto Arsizio, Italy. Fr. Mario Zocchi came to India as a novice. He was ordained while in the concentration camp during the war. His priestly ministry took him to many parts of the Madras province and to Bombay.

Fr. Epiphanius Fernandez
Professed: 24-5-1958
Ordained: 9-4-1967
Died: 24-5-1973
Fr. Epiphanius was born at Katha, Burma. After his ordination he worked in Ralianf Parish. He died in Bombay under tragic circumstances.

                                                                       OUR MISSION  
                                                                               Bro.Ronald sdb                                                                                                                               
     When I was in the ninth standard at school a missionary from Africa came to our school.  I was studying in Don Bosco High School Panjim. He was a loving as well as a demanding priest. He would tell us a lot of stories about Africa. In the school among the day scholars he started a group called the’ Friends of Dominic Savio’. Initially we went for a lot of camps and had a lot of fun but slowly we were asked if we wanted to join the Salesion congregation. It was during this time that I discovered my vocation. Today I am a Salesian preparing for the mission God has called me to.
    All of us are called to e missionaries in our own way. We have only to answer this call of God by saying a committed yes. It can also happen that we may say yes and shirk our responsibility but the real test comes when the hurdles arise in our way. These hurdles can be overcome only with God’s help. The prayer element is so important in our Christian life. In today’s world which is encompassed with swift moving technology people have lost the love to pray or the need to pray. We love to sit and chat with our friends but when it comes to prayer we don’t find the time. Jesus himself went to secluded places in order to pray to be in communion with his Father. By doing this he set us an example so that we may do likewise.
     In this world which is moving away from God at the speed of light we the followers of Christ have an important mission and that is to be signs and bearers of God’s love. This mission will be accomplished only if we are in communion with God. There will be many difficulties and challenges in our path but if God is with us then there is no one in this world who can be against us.

Ask yourself a few questions
Am I just drifting through life without knowing where I’m heading?
Am I truly happy with my present state of affairs?
What are the deeper questions of life calling me to?