Monday, 6 August 2012

Faith – Not An Instant Solution.

Br. Bryce Rodrigues

Faith why keep faith in god when things don’t work out? this is a typical question faced by those people who feel let down when you place maximum trust in the Lord and the grace sought was not granted this is the time to they feel angry and dejected .No amount of love and enjoyment can remove this inner dejection which is so often remains in our life and affects our relationship with god . Rather when things don’t go your way have faith that the lord has prepared a place better than you would have expected. In our fast changing world we want everything instant like Instant coffee, soup etc, but faith has to be built layer by layer as we grow in our relationship wit h God. Thus our faith in God will help us to cope with any hardship and this will not lead us to despair. Our faith must be lively one which flows into our life dealings with others.


  1. it is a good work keep it up....

  2. dear Brothers, thanks for your enthuasiasm and faith. Glad to keep in touch and wish you would be able to link to other South Asia Salesian formation houses missionary groups.
    The Mission of God starts from his Eucharist
    from the Heart of Jesus!
    in Don Bosco, fr. Vaclav Klement, councilor for the missions

    1. ...and my mission also starts from a faithful living out of my own Salesian religious life!!! Jesus help us all.

  3. Oh yes, it seems quite challenging to have faith in God when situations don't turn out our way; however, placing utmost trust in Jesus during these moments is exactly what "FAITH" implies...