Oratorio Salesiano: Fr.Scuderi
On the first day of his arrival, Fr Scuderi pumped a football he had bought in Bombay &began bouncing it in front of the house. Boys came; with the few Portuguese words he knew he began the “oratory”. From that day the place would be known for a long time as Oratorio Salesiano. He came to know that many of those boys were not going to school .With the help of  Bro. Cajetan Lobo and some local help, he began a Portuguese school for beginners with three classes. At that time because of the concordat between Holy See and Portuguese government, any priest could open a school for the people by presenting a letter from the bishop to the education department. Father easily got the letter.
He needed desks. Someone working in the ‘Escola Normal’ (teacher’s training school of Panjim) helped to get loans for thirty desks which for a long time were used for the school and the boarding.

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