Thursday, 23 August 2012

the Mission journey of Fr.Aloysius

Fr. Aloysius Ravalico SDB
Born: 06.03.1906
Professed: 14.09.1924
Ordained: 02.04.1932
Died: 17.12.1967
Fr. Ravalico was born in Italy, into a family of seven children. He came to India along with Fr. Vendrame and others.
He founded the mission of Tezpur (Assam). He later came to Goa, where there was a flourishing oratory at Odxel.
He was appointed Procurator of the Diocese of Dibrugargh (Assam) and began evangelizing in Manipur. He died in Mawlai, Shillong. He showed a lot of interest in writing articles and composing poems. Many of his articles appeared in different journals. Let us pay tribute to his memory by being good religious after the heart of Christ – the centre and source of the Salesian Spirit.

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