Sunday, 20 November 2016

Missionary Anthem

Missionary Anthem

What will I do to people in need?
How will I make worthy my life’s deeds?
To give something beautiful to the Lord

Ch: Go Out Go Out to serve the Light
Go Out Go Out to serve the Truth – 2
Go out to serve the Truth.
For the people in darkness want of Christ the Light
For those in confusion want of Christ the Truth
So, Go Out Go Out…

1. Behind the bars of the world
Filled with you alone in my mind
In the darkness I tread
In the path to light
To, Go out Go Out…

2. But the bars of the world O Lord
Stops me to yield for you
As I found you the light
My lamp is so bright
To, Go Out Go Out…

Cl. Palla Velangani Joseph
Cl. Sylvester Cyril

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