Thursday, 10 November 2016



If you must believe in something, try a little to believe in the following. Believe that the whole trip in this world is a safari. Dust, sweat, blood, tears and fears are part of the ride. Enjoy it! I do.  Because, ‘He owns the road’.
What do I mean by the title ‘He owns the road’. Let me explain; this year our community of Divyadaan has chosen a theme BMW for the missionary week. BMW stands for Becoming Merciful Witnesses (of the Gospel). Before we become witnesses we need to realize that this creation, including You and Me are owned by God. We belong to God and thus the Mission or a particular task that is entrusted to us belongs to God. He owns the Mission, our land, our village, city, town, country, our possessions and the place where we are sent as Missionaries. One might think that I am a missionary in a foreign unknown land called to spread the Good News, to transform their lives and so on. Sorry we are mistaken, in fact we are called to carry God given task, not in an unknown foreign land, but in God’s own land. The owner of this world, the land is God. Sometimes while becoming witnesses in the mission, when things go wrong as they often do, don’t curse God. Rather believe that He owns (the road) the mission.
Life is full of surprises, not all of them pleasant, but believe in God. Because He owns all of us. there are quite simply two things we can do when sorrow  comes crawling all over us; we can hate Him (impossible) or love Him. Better to love Him because more often than not we don’t know why not so good things are happening to us, but He does. He rules!!! In the Bible it is said God even knows the movement of a blade of grass and that is comforting. He is always there. God never forsakes his own people. It is we who should not collapse when all about us collapses, get a grip, He oversees the rising sun, the waxing moon, the shining stars, the growing flowers, the cooking of a Biryani or making a lemon juice. He is present and watches our every movements from the blinking of an eye to dancing on the feet. Inspite of all these, we can cry and bear our cross or smile and bear our cross; either way we have the cross, better to smile and bear it for that is when we will become witnesses of His Mercy and Love. Yes, He owns the road the very destiny of our life. Having understood this, then one can claim of having become a merciful witness of the gospel to those entrusted in our care. Through all these we will resemble God. We will have become His Instruments proclaiming his good news to all the earth. Believe, that the God who owns our destiny, our very life, including you and me will continue pouring out His manifold blessings of love and mercy in the mission entrusted to us, through us.
Before I conclude let me caution you that: I am not just talking or writing through my hat…it means a lot to me. I have been through some thorny fields myself, I have been hurt and I have failed… but you know what? I believe that ‘He owns the road’.

Jeswin Mastan

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