Monday, 3 August 2015


It is often said that ‘truth hurts’, or some others would say that ‘truth is the greatest offender.’ If we were to argue intellectually we would vehemently deny the fact but if we genuinely become aware we would see how often we attempt to defend ourselves and our points of view just because we do not want to challenge our conception of truth. Truth pricks the very core of our self. It shakes the very foundation of comfort zones that we have laid for our life. Openness to truth demands of us to let go of ourselves, our past knowledge, ideas, attitudes, behaviours, ways of thinking, and so on that we hold very dear to us.  Hence, we do not like to take bitter pills rather we prefer to live in the sickness of ignorance and die with it
The Community of Divyadaan, the Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik staged the musical entitled ‘The Promised Land’ on the first and second of August, 2015. The musical reiterates the Exodus Journey of Israelites – God liberating them from the bondage of the Egyptian Pharaoh to the Promised Land. The play was simply fabulous. People were amazed to re-look the exodus journey with the new set of spectacles. Thanks to the people in and back the stage who did an awesome task. In the second day I chanced to encounter an army gentleman (belonging to other faith) during the interval and soon entered into a profound conversation which made a deep impact in my life and I would like to share with you all. 

I just inquired why he didn’t ask any of his friends from the camp to accompany him. What he replied marveled me. (My humble attempt to put in his own words), ‘I did not bring anyone because their minds are different and more so my friends belong to other faiths who fear even to hear the name of Jesus because he is such a holy person. The reason of the fear is that most of us human beings are deeply wounded in so many ways and taking the name of Jesus would mean – a challenge to CONVERSION from our old ways of living. It would mean a call for HEALING which demands of us to look deep within for the cause of our sickness which in fact is not easy because we do not want to see who we really are. It would also mean a call to CHANGE which is the toughest thing because we have set up a particular pattern for our life which ultimately determines us. People once acquainted with the dust, they prefer to live with it than to change.’ Moreover, he added ‘Most of us have the tendency to ignore or avoid the people who challenge us the most because those people open up our filthy wounds of inner life which we do not want to see because we do not have enough strength and courage and we end up thinking that there is no cure for it.’ 

A few minutes of deep encounter can alter the whole scenario of thinking and push one for further reflection. The man had something very profound to convey to me and perhaps to each of you through me. We might have read or heard the Bible over and over again and it is quite possible that we might have become deaf to those fiery words.  People who hear it for the first time are greatly disturbed because of its piercing effect into their hearts. But we who are Christians perhaps become indifferent to those words and the name ‘Jesus’ has become just another word, it does not evoke anything in us. The word of God constantly beacons us to Conversion from our old ways of living, Healing from our narrow-mindedness and Change for better but we never pay heed to it. Though our lips profess our faith but our hearts and minds are miles apart from it. How often do we not act like those Israelites in the wilderness, though God has set us free but instead of taking responsibility and living good life we prefer returning to our old ways of living. People of other faiths fear the name of Jesus so to bring them closer to Him let us proclaim Him by living the name of Jesus.

Romanius Barwa

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