Sunday, 23 August 2015


With the beginning of each dawn as we open the eyes to the miracle of a new day with its unlimited power of living something awesomely unexpected, we are being filled with reverence and awe at the sight of a magnificent creation. With the blade of tender grass to the delicate leafs of the trees splendidly swaying as the cool breeze sweep across them and infuses refreshing spirit in all the creation. A person living his/her each passing moment of life to the full cannot evade or be blind to such marvels of life and creation. The beginning of each new day dawn holds within it the conclusion of how the day is going to end. The awesome ending of the day depends on the awesome beginning of the life at dawn.

Viewing the creation with tender eyes as each new day dawns with its bubbling life, one will realize that each living creature pops up with tender smiles to greet and wish you the best for the day. Moreover, a person  who is fully alive to the spirit of life can never find a reason for which one is so madly taken-up or be in love with the amazing sight of the morning with all creation wishing life. One can never find a true reason why the universes with all its creatures wish him/her life in its fullness. We might be able to invent some reasons with our cunning minds but those reasons are baseless for it becomes the creation of mind for its egoistic survival. If one can find some reasons, it will only reveal that he/she is not fully awaken to the spirit of life. For true love has no reason whatsoever. It is just love. To live a life of love is to live in total communion with the spirit of life which is love in its totality or ultimate. Whereas, to live a life of reason is to fragment life into different compartments but deep within we are aware that love unites and reason divides.

We are intoxicated with the paralyzing idea that in order to love a person we must know him/her first. Here, our knowing becomes the criterion to love. But, is it really true that one needs reason to love or have we just accepted it as facts because it has been told to us over and over again by our elders, society or academicians. Can reason be the cause for love? If it is so, then is it real love? Can love be bought or sold by reason? Love is beyond reason. Reason cannot be the cause for love for reason is the sole factor of the division of love. Reason can never love in its ultimate for it bargains with love. It says if such and such is the case then I will love. For instance, if you are good to me than I will love you but the moment you fail to fulfill my expectations I stop loving you. Therefore, all loving with a reason is no true loving. Loving with a reason puts conditions but love in its fullness is unconditional. There is no measure to love but love is its sole measure.  One who loves moves beyond reason and becomes the source of life-giving spring.

When there is a reason for love than that is a bargained love, a love that can be bought or sold by the price of reason. Moreover, that which can be bought can also be sold easily or discarded when it is no longer useful or satisfactory. Hence, where reason exists primarily there is no place for love. Contrary, where love exists primarily, reason becomes a secondary thing. However, reason has its place but only after love. It should be only a part of faculty that comes to play when the ocean of love has invaded the spirit of reasoning. All reasoning should be the outcome of love.  For instance, it is often told that we must hate sin but not the sinner. It can be well applied that we must love the sinner first and then help the sinner to overcome his/her sinful acts with the help of our loving assistance. Love has the uplifting and transforming effect, whereas, to certain extent reason has similar effect but more so it fosters cunning stubbornness of justification. Reason helps to justify and makes one self-righteous. And where there is self-righteous claim, love flies out of the window for it uses love as a means to enlarge itself either consciously or more so unconsciously. When it enlarges itself it reduces the wholeness of the other. Thus we can say that love is life-giving and reason is life-taking.

We all by default want to love and be loved. However, we often fail in this aspect of our aspirations. It is not that we do not know how to love, rather we never enquiry what generates in us the desire to love. Is it that we are lonely and therefore, to cover up that loneliness we want to love or there might be many other hidden motives that push us to love? It becomes fundamental to discover the cause of our love because where there is a cause or reason for love, that love is inevitably going to cause us pain. Love to be life-giving it should not be based on any cause or reason. Most of us want to do so much good in our society because we love our society. We want to help the poor and neglected, widowed and orphan, sick and suffering, down trodden and broken hearted, and many alike. In many of these cases we might be driven to do something to uplift them but if we are moved by their pathetic condition or may be moved by some other reasons than we are certainly going to end in despair. We will get irritated and depressed when things do not turn out in our favour. Hence, before we venture out to do any good in our society we need to be aware of what is that which moves us to think about our society. Is it seer love or reason?

Romanius Barwa

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