Thursday, 29 November 2012

. . . . just but a winded key
    Everything that is created is a known reality. Man knows the earth that he lives in is an arena of blessings. These blessings he has renewed to enumerate in some fields a thirty fold produce, in some a fifty fold produce while in some a hundred fold blessings. He has come to learn of the nature of all bodies. Even the sun and the moon in the Milky Way galaxy are no longer mysteries to him.
    His domain and knowledge extends even over exotic creatures like the skunk, ibis, skua and the Aardvark. And his creative power has architectured monumental townships like New York city and Naples. Well, why go far? You could count on our very own ‘garden city’, Banglooru as one of his Noble metropolises that ever existed.
    The world is but a toy winded on this spring called MAN. This toy is made to run by the winding effect of man. His beauty and goodness is unwounded in so many marvellous ways. However, like man in life we too are called to acknowledge amidst all the wonders the silent hand that is winding us to create a better world in the mIlky way, aArdvark and noble Metropolises called I AM.

-Chris Ferreira

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