Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nelson Mudaliar
The community of Divyadaan celebrated the community day on 8th of November,2012. The theme chosen was – ‘United in Love to radiate God.’ This theme is in keeping with the Letter of Rector Major exhorting us to be Mystics, Prophets and servants all embodied in the person of Christ.
As 11th November draws near, my thoughts went on a ride to explore what it really means to be  a Missionary. Various insights came to my mind, I shall put forth those ideas in the form of a story.
The Abbot of a certain monastery called a novice just after tea. He requested him to get ready to come with him to preach in the village nearby. The novice washed his face, packed his haversack and carried a Bible along with him. The Abbot waited patiently for his novice at the entrance. The novice filled with exuberance approached the Abbot. The Abbot looked at his novice, smiled at him and said, “My dear, all that is needed is you, yourself.” The novice kept everything inside and accompanied the Abbot. The novice inquired about the topic that he was to preach on the Abbot ignored this request and started marveling at the beauty of fields that they were crossing. They exchanged pleasant greetings along the way. In a solitary place, under the cover of a Banyan tree, the Abbot together the novice sat down to pray. A family asked them for tea to which they accepted. They chatted with the family. As they proceeded further they helped a farmer gather his hens. And then they started back to the monastery.
The novice was surprised since the Abbot didn’t keep his word of preaching in the village. The Abbot somewhat sensing this complimented the novice, “You’ve been good you will become a very good preacher.” “But, Master we didn’t preach today.” “We did, my son, we did!”Nelson Mudaliar
This is what a Missionary is! Someone great said, “Preach, preach, preach always preach but use words only when necessary.” For me to be a Missionary (which I hope and pray to be) is to Radiate God through my life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Nelson Mudaliar

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