Thursday, 11 October 2012

                                                              Cl.Mavron F  SDB

Born: 22/8/1914
Professed: 8/12/1931
Ordained: 30/1/1944
Died: 1/12/1991

     Fr.Bianchi was born at Lumezzane, Italy. He came to India in 1940. He worked in Matunga, Lonavla and Yercaud. He went back to Italy for some time. On his return he served as catechist at Kurla, Borivili, Baroda and Matunga. In1988, he came back to Lonavla till his death. He was a multi-faceted person. He was known as ‘Jack of all trades as well as Master of all.’ He was an excellent carpenter, musician, dramatist story-teller, gymnast and a teacher.he was very interested in music and scouting. Towards the end of his life, he spent much of his time at the crucifix weeping in moments of intense pain and suffering.

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