Thursday, 11 October 2012

Don Bosco: a visionary and the missionary.
                                                                 Cl. Sachin Kadam SDB
Vision and the mission are the two sides of the same coin. We can not hold on to one and leave the other. These two aspects are clearly seen in the life of Don Bosco. He was fully human and fully divine. The dream he had at the age of nine, of being the shepherd to the poor and abandoned youth, helped him to discern the divine plan in his life.  With God’s grace and Mary’s guidance he brought it to reality.

Don Bosco was a passionate visionary as well as missionary.  As a visionary he was very much focused in his life. He allowed God to work in his life. He used to seek timely advice and guidance from the people who were close to his heart like his mother mamma Margaret and Fr. Cafasso who was his spiritual director. As a visionary he saw himself to be a priest and his first goal was to save the souls of the young.  His vision was: Da mihi animas, coetera tolle!

As missionary he was not self-centered but altruistic. Whatever he did was for the greater glory of God. As missionary he focused on Evangelization & Civilization. Firstly he made his boys good christians and secondly good citizens. He found real joy in sacrifice and the radical life of being poor. His trust in the Lord and our Lady was admirable all through his life, sustaining his vision and supporting his mission. 

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