Saturday, 3 December 2016

Come Help Us!

Day by day Europe is filled with the migrants from Africa, and refugees from Syria, Israel and other parts of the world. Italy with lot many earthquakes made many people homeless. India which is in queue for many years for progress made poor the poorest with the demonetization.
The present scenario with all its fashion, technology and development made people forget the other in their life. Everyone is bothered about one’s own self. Selfishness, Consumerism, frustration, anger, and ego is reigning in each and every one of us. Life is made easy and single with the invention of latest technologies. Relationships have come to an end. Facing the people and speaking and listening to the people are no more existing. Love, care and concern have no more value. The quote, No man is an island seems not worthy, because everyone creates their own island of life where no one can enter. People are so immersed in this worldly attraction that emotions of love, mercy, care, concern, relationships got erased in them. Identifying the other as the human being became very typical. Humanity has no place because; we are ruled by the world and its apparatus. Everything became vice versa.
Years and years passed with many destructions and disturbances which are affecting our life. People are increasing their knowledge to make everything controlled in their hands. People are becoming crude and cruel and thinking to reign the whole world with their mind. God is absent in each and everyone’s life.
Come Help Us! This is the watchword of the whole world. Each and everyone in the world are in need of something or the other. Because of all this turmoil, people are moving away from God and their faith.

As we celebrate Christmas in the foregoing days, let us all remind ourselves that Christ became man to help those in need, to love the unloved, to care the uncared, to heal the sick, to welcome the unwelcomed. This is the real meaning of Christmas. Christ came to this world to spread God’s love to the other. At this juncture, let us all become missionaries of Christ in the place where we are and share the joy of Christ to all the people who are in need. Yes dear friends, Come Let us help them in giving Christ to the other. Let this Christmas make everyone of us to love the unloved, to care the uncared, to listen to the unlistened, to talk to the untalked, and to give the ungiven. Let this Christmas make everyone of us to think of the other that is to give the other his/her own dignity of human life.

Cl. Joseph Velangani

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