Thursday, 1 September 2016

Our father Speaks to his Sons…
A Call for a fruitful Evangelization
(An extract from the talk of the Rector Major on his visit to Oceania. Source: Mission Video)
            Rev. Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime, the Rector Major of the Salesians, on his visit to Oceania Salesian missions made a great impact in the heart of the people. With the heart of a father he approached them sharing in their joys as well as sorrows. When he was asked how the dream of evangelization could be realized today he said, “it is possible through proclamation of the gospel and through life in the community.”
            During his address he spoke out his mind saying:: “We need community oriented people with community spirit and that’s why proclamation of the gospel must emphasize this profound reality of fraternity according to gospel. It is a reality of love, the reality of love as God has loved us. Proclamation of the gospel needs apostles. It needs vocation and courage from all of us, those who are living in this land.”
             On reaching papa New Guinea he said it was really a very special moment for him and felt that that part of the world is very different from other parts of the world because of its cultural richness and variety. Considering the opportunity to address the gathering there he said, “It’s an opportunity to encourage you to unite all to continue the wonderful work of proclaiming the Lord Jesus. Don Bosco has a great capacity to open the hearts of all the young people in the world. I am convinced that Don Bosco has taken roots here and no doubt that his charism will have a beautiful future in this church of Oceania.”
             With this very inspiring words emerging directly from his heart, our father invites all of us Salesians, to go to peripheries and to places where people need us most. He convinced of the effectiveness and the relevance of the mission of Don Bosco and dreams of a fruitful evangelization wherever we are. Are we too convinced of the beautiful charism of Don Bosco? Are we enthusiastic about proclaiming the gospel of Christ? What can we do to make our evangelization fruitful?
Nithyian SDB

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