Thursday, 8 October 2015


We are living in an era of extinction. So many flora and fauna, and other habitats are disappearing from the face of the earth on daily basis. Previously, so many different types of species existed but today we find them only in museums, laboratories, or in history books. Contrarily, we are constantly battling today with the rapid growth of human population. However, time is not far ahead, soon human beings will realize that even they are at the verge of extinction.

Human beings have destroyed enough and more species by playing with them and now they have began playing with their fellow human beings. When they were playing with natural habitats, they were busy with them and so as among human beings they were united. They were full time busy waging war with species and natural habitats. But today human beings have very few species left to keep themselves busy waging wars with them. So, human beings to keep themselves busy playing tragic game they are turning towards their fellow human beings. Though they realize that their fellow friends are also of the same kind, but they would not resist playing with them because in any case they had to keep busy. Otherwise, they do not know how to spend their leisure time. So, they find some excuse to differentiate themselves with other fellow human beings. Thus, in their attempt they find the excuse in religion. Belonging to another religion makes them a different species all together. So, today religion is being used as a differentiating factor among human beings and this is just to play the war of game to destroy others.

People down the centuries had believed that God created human beings and everything of the universe. But today many will not believe in such old belief because today it is quite evidently proved that human beings instead of worshiping the real God they have created god in their own image and likeness. If God were to create in His own image and likeness, the world would have been different; people would have celebrated life as brothers and sisters in the unity of love as many would say. However, in reality we see just the contrary things happening. God who is the source of love and mercy has become the cause violence and hatred in the hands of human beings.

People have created gods in their own image and likeness and because of this they are trying to defend the god of theirs. Being narrow and limited people have created gods who are no different than them. If God were to create human beings, would God require human defense to protect Him? Will God require human brutality to defend the honour of His name? The gods of human mind needs protection because they are imagery creation for psychological security. Out of insecurity human beings created gods of their own nature, gave attributes and now they are afraid that if their gods are destroyed their secure home which they have established and adorned for years will be destroyed. Hence, they do everything to protect their pity gods.

Today, in India one is witnessing the ultimate fallenness of human beings wherein animals have been treated as gods. Animals have become gods but human beings have become lower than any created creatures that exist in the world. To protect the cows, stinky people are slaughtering the once considered their fellow human beings. People of different faiths have become indifferent towards people of other faiths, and only prying to crush others. Religions have utterly divided. Instead of bringing the entire human beings under the umbrella of love, care and concern it has divided them. Human history evidently illustrates the divisive consequences brought about by religion. If religions were to concern really about God, the world would not have been so brutal and murderous as we are witnessing it. I cannot reconcile in any case that God can kill a human person to bring order and harmony in the world. If He does so than I do not doubt but unhesitatingly affirm that that God is fraud. Just like animals, even people kill only out of insecurity and not otherwise. So, if God kills than even He is insecure. Moreover, if God is the source of everything then He should be able to change the heart and mind of human beings without even causing the end to their life. But the fundamental question we need to ask is, which god is killing, is it the real God or the god of human mind?

If the God that human beings worship can kill any human life than religion is purely a human venture which is devoid of any godliness. There might be divine elements in it but since it is a human creation, creation of insecure human mind, when life becomes hard or when things do not suit their life, they change the principles of religion just to suit their behavior. Their religion is guided by their convenience. If such is the case then religion is a curse to God. Human beings have cut God into pieces and it is the slaughtering of God into pieces that is dividing and cutting human beings into pieces too.  

Is religion a curse to God? Viewing the inhuman atrocities that are being committed in the name of religion, it is evident that religion is a curse to God. Would the real God choose a religion that is murderous? It is the high time to realize that though religion is a human creation, founded to share the personal experience of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness; it is not any kind of organizations to suck the blood of others. Religion was supposed to be the epitome of love but has become the graveyard of the humanity. Can human beings who have created such a bloody mess, realize and therefore restore it? It is possible but if human beings do not turn away from their fundamentalist attitude one must be ready to face the dooms day. Hope if God wills humanity would not have to face such a day. Humanity can only hope and pray that they learn to treat each fellow human beings with dignity and respect, enrich each other with their unique experiences of God’s love and mercy, and more especially may the religious leaders bless the world with Godliness that will enable to see fellow human beings as brother and sisters.

Hatred begets Hatred
Violence begets Violence
Reaction begets further Reactions
Opposite is also True:

Love begets Love
Peace begets Peace
Acceptance begets further Acceptance

So, let us change the world, begin with the self and reach out to others… love changes in the ways we cannot see… do not wait for others to change… others cannot change you… you be the CHANGE!
Romanius Barwa

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