Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Believe in His Love

Let us believe He still loves us.
                                           -Br. Felix Almieda SDB

It is difficult to see light when everything around you is filled with darkness. Our faith in Christ places before us this great challenge to be able to love even when we don’t receive love in return. Anybody could affirm this but would find it so difficult to follow. While reading the many persecution  accounts of Christians who are being suppressed I was giving way within myself to a lot of anger and hatred towards those who were responsible for all these things and was wondering that if just by reading  I could get so angry what about those people who have had a real experience of it.

I am sure that in life all of us might have had the feeling of being persecuted sometimes probably because we might had felt that we are being used, mocked and treated unjustly. It is here that the ‘Christ’ response makes the difference . People who were being persecuted as mentioned in these accounts and also those who are being persecuted even now have proved that Christ has made a difference in their lives .They have proved that nothing in this world will ever be able to separate them from the love of Christ .I was wonder struck by the way people responded with the willingness to forgive .This is something that I probably I would have ever thought of doing on the other hand I would have done my best to receive justice till the end. This I know for myself that being an instrument of peace is not as simple and joyful as it looks; it requires a convinced attitude and a strong faith.
Anybody reading the incident of the martyrdom of St.Stephen  would see in it  a perfect example of the Christ response .As Christians we are called to live just as Jesus lived .It is indeed difficult but not impossible for those who have decided to commit themselves to Christ .Jesus calls us every moment to have an experience of Him ,an experience which will strengthen us in moments of difficulty and pain ,when we feel vulnerable and weak .He himself promises us that he will never leave us even till the end of time .Let us be assured that no matter what happens his grace will take us through .It is difficult to say that everything happens for good but we need to have courage and believe that God is in control .He will never abandon us for St.Paul will say “who will ever separate us from the love of Christ.”

            May Christ fill us with hope as we celebrate his birth, for his love will strengthen us always.   

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