Friday, 21 September 2012

The Life of a Missionary

A person set apart by God,
Knows not for what has he been chosen.
But knows that he has to remain in God,
To do that which was him given.

God sent him into the world,
To proclaim the Good News wherever he went .
When the Word sunk in the world,
They  made him a place in their inner tent.

But not always is gain,
Not always is joy abounding.
There is pain,
But there is always the  love of God surrounding.

The priest tries to make God known,
To the people who reject the God known.
He is a symbol that God cares,
For those who are torn down by sorrows.

The priest dares to go out,
To stick his head out.
To take God’s love to the end,
Even at the cost of his life.

The priest journeys far,
From the time he was set apart.
And when his earthly sojourns nears,
He realizes that God’s work he has done.
                                                                                    - By Bryce Rodrigues

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